To have someone touch you in your sleep, a lot like rape but not as bad.
Dude, I so got jaked last night, I woke up with a hand up my shirt.
by uhfsdhfusdh August 08, 2007
Defeated in a humiliating fashion, especially in a video game
Dude, we just got Jaked in that game.
by DaLuxFerre January 13, 2009
To be thrown under the bus.
Blamed for someone elses mistakes.
Screwed over.
Left for dead.
I got Jaked!
by Raiderva March 03, 2009
Pronounced Jay-kd.
This term generally means abnormally large muscles.
Wow, Hes so jaked. He must be on steriods
by Dirty McGirty August 07, 2008
to screw somebody over, or to get screwed over in a BIG way.
Tom was supposed to get a large raise in pay this quarter, but he got jaked as it was given to Bob instead.
by trucker May 29, 2006
to be promised help of some sort, but not actually be provided with anything.
Jill was working on the test plan for the new program revision, but it got jaked.

Bob burnt me a copy of the data, but I got jacked, the data was corrupt.
by chakkerz July 09, 2005
1) Alternative for Owned
2) A problem relating to the internet, such as disconnection, problems logging onto a site, etc.
alt. Jakage
1) That kid on that bike just got jaked.
2) My internet connection was jaked last night.
by Jakage February 25, 2005

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