One of the cutest guys in school.....but once to know him he is a complete dick.
Jake, a guy at your school.
by Jaynie, Krtisten October 05, 2012
Usually a Bandwagoner Sports fan. Jumps teams everyday. And claims to be a Life-Long Clipper Fan. Most people named Jake don't watch games but look at stats which makes it hard to talk sports with them.
All of the Heat Fans are Jake's.
by Clipper Darrel June 03, 2013
1) The biggest fuckboy hypocrite to ever exist on this earth

2) The guy who has no friends
Did you hear Jake has no friends at all? I wonder why
by clappingdeeznuts April 13, 2015
Jake is hot
Dude, look at that hot drummer,
that's a jake.
by jessietaylor January 11, 2015
That one weird kid in class.
Hey man, that Jake over there is on a flip phone!
by Potuyit March 16, 2015
Jake is annoying little shit that's your friend no matter how annoying he is. He also likes to use gay terms like calling people a Bear even though he is secretly gay. His friends know this, but they really don't care because Jake is their homosexual friend! :D
Guy: Hey Jake

Jake: Hey Bear ;)

Guy 1: ...
by !Mr. Bear! February 10, 2015
a good friend at times but can stab you in the back and become a man whore
the boy jake made a lot of girls cry.
by nicegirl124 December 15, 2014
This guy used to have tons of girls who liked him, but now spends his life a complete loner in his room playing video games. Heis bipolar about girls. He doesnt have the guts to ask them out and then dumps them through someone else. He is always changing his mind about who he likes. He will grow up to be a man whore and still live with his parents, playing sims on origin.
Jake: I like felisha.
Jake: felisha is such a garden tool.
by The real effing truth November 10, 2014

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