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One of the cutest guys in school.....but once to know him he is a complete dick.
Jake, a guy at your school.
by Jaynie, Krtisten October 05, 2012
3 16
jake is a kind, caring and loving person, jake always has your best interests at heart, jake is hot and a sexy devil, you will sometimes find that jake is a bit emo and will sometimes say the wrong thing but if you love a jake you will feel like a godess cause jakes always care for the people they love.
sophie: ''omg did you see Jake there now''

lousie: '' yeah havent you heard hes going out with laura''
sophie: '' God shes so lucky hes such a sexy devil, i bet she feels like a godess''
by lulu<3jake February 18, 2012
8 11
1. The best
2. the shiz
"man, that guys a jake-hes hot!
by phoebe <3 January 16, 2009
3 6
A fatass lard that likes to eat twinkies off the ground. And is a thirsty boy
Whoa your such a Jake
by WhiteVan September 25, 2013
1 5
has sort attention span but can be nice, shows no tolerance to gingers
Dont turn into a jake!
by huskergod December 12, 2010
52 56
A douche bag,Thinks he's the coolest kid in school,big headed,loves to mess with girls feelings. Can't talk in real life.
"I wouldn't trust jake,he showed my pics to the whole school"

"Jake is Douche bag matieral, not boyfriend material"

"Jake is a Crazy party animal"

"Jake has a heart?"

"Jake will ignore you for no reason"
by Tatiana447 February 04, 2014
1 6
A Jake is a guy that will be a terrible kisser. He will be way too clingy and an awkward boyfriend. He won't know how to handle a break-up
Girl 1: How did Jake handle the break-up?
Girl 2: He cried for a week
by Karma-13 January 11, 2014
2 7
is a faggot.
Jake loves dick.
by Jakethepenislover August 10, 2013
5 10