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She's perfect in every way imaginable. She's strong and inspiring. She's funny an serious when the times come. She is always cheerful and is rarely bitchy. She's an amazing person
That car is Jaileen.
by rehcni 11 eht nayR December 23, 2013
She is a beauitiful girl. She does everything right never screws up. She is beauitiful, kind, and funny. Jaileen is a dedicated stubborn girl who usually does the right thing but when she does the wronge thing she pays up for it. Jaileen's are quote funny with a sensitive personality they are the strongest people out there and always have there two cents to put in. Jaileen's are love able and devoted friends that make my day everyday just by saying hi!
Jaileen's like tuna melts.
by Tryonicus the 11 incher December 23, 2013

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