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jizz + bagels = jagels

An alternative to the widespread cullinary phenomenon, "juffins."

Not nearly as funny as "juffins."
"Dude-- you eat a lot of jagels."
-"Jagels isn't a word, dude. I think you mean juffins."

Colin touches wee wees a lot. And likes jagels.
by westonski January 23, 2007
A Jew Combined with a bagel Also can be used as a homosexual
Examples Nick D, Richie B, Vinny S, Josh S, and the biggest Jagel of them all Steven N
by Chase112 August 23, 2011
An incredible type of human being. Every school or work place has at least one. Commonly found on European vacations, reading literature, and engaging his/herself in historical conversations. He/she is incredibly intellectual and extremely lovable. If you get to know a Jagel your life will for ever be changed for the better.
YOU: "Hey Jagel what are you doing thins afternoon?"
JAGEL:"Reading How the Other Half Lives by Jacob Riis and analyzing the Progressive Age."
by Geggers October 22, 2010
A jaguar bagel
May I have jagel with cream cheese.
by Firework Master2 February 11, 2009