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A jag bomb is an alcoholic drink that contains a shot of Jagermeister with Red Bull. It really fucks you up since the Red Bull is full of sugar and caffeine, and the Jag has a ton of alcohol in it. You won't know whether to run around like an idiot or stand still and start weaving. Believe me, you'll feel like doing both.
I need 20 jagbombs! (Thows a $100 bill on the bar.)
by Cyson November 16, 2006
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An alcoholic drink containing jagermiester.
I got wrecked off of jagbombs last night.
by Mullholland November 12, 2004
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The correct pronunciation of the popular drink consisting of red bull and jagermeister. The original name for the drink is a flying deer according to Jagermeister Co.
"Who says 'jager bombs' they sound like idiots when they ask for it. Keep it short and sweet, Jag Bombs."

"Why would they put Arush instead of Red Bull in a Jag Bomb? It tastes like 2 week old pineapple"

by Bicks January 07, 2008
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