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an adjective used for an extremely cool person who does good in school and everyone is jealous for. It can also mean academic perfection and purity. This adjective tends to be used for very smart very nice people.
OH my god! Hes so Perfect! Hes very jaffet
by W.H.O3301993 December 22, 2008
super smart!!!!
Jaffet is so smart!
by urbandictionaryeditor December 24, 2008
very smart intelligent person
superior to all others
does better than everyone in school and people hate them for it
very nice and cool to everyone
gets many awards
Jaffet is so smart and Nick is definetly jealous
by definitionsforurban December 24, 2008
smart, perfect, intelligent. Is used for people that are quiet but very nice and hide their true potential. Very smart and intelligent. Shy yet great, and when they do meet people they are very good friends.
He is so intelligent and smart he is definetly jaffet
by awesome1234 December 24, 2008

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