the most addictive biscuits in the world!
they are a small cake that is topped with orange, then chocolate.
they (apparently) only contain 1g of fat per jaffa cake(yeah right)
but still, once you taste them, i swear - you will get hooked!!
footballers like Ferdinand (england) like to eat them on the pitch because they can give you a boost of energgy quickly.
now they come in lots of flavours lime, lemon, raspberry...
woman; do you know there is only one gram of fat in a jaffa cake?

woman 2; so wot??? when you decide to eat the whole packet, it's not going to be 1 gram then is it? you'll end up looking like fat bastard if you keep telling people that!
by cynthia_s July 11, 2006
Top Definition
A small round cake (not biscuit, as biscuits have vat) with orange squishystuff and chocolate on top. Coverted by small children who refuse point blank to eat the cake and just eat the top >_<
hmmm i sure could eat some jaffa cakes...but the damn kids ate them all!
by Hanny February 27, 2005
some 1 who has ginger hair but has dyed it brown, this is the stage inbetween colourings wen the ginger starts 2 grow through!
'Oh my god look at shauns jaffa cake'
by Lauren p February 27, 2007
An act of anal romance. See also bum sex
Jane joyously but nievely accepted the nice gentleman's offer of a Jaffacake.

"Maybe I could interest you in a jaffacake?"
by Viz Reader March 04, 2005
Someone who is a bit of prick
What a fucking jaffacake
by Avidfan and Dark-skye December 29, 2004
Street talk for a Hand Job
Bob's mate asked him if he wanted a jaffa cake and Bob got a pleasant surprise.

Bob's old buddy pulled his trousers down and gave him a jaffa cake.
by UCAS February 18, 2010
Jaffa Cakes .. adult slang word for sex originating in the oldbury area of the west midlands (England)

''to be used when refering to sex when there are children around''
Hi Meg you fancy some jaffa cakes ??

Meg likes jaffa cakes for breakfast !!

Matt prefers jaffa cakes for supper !!!
by matt'n'meg March 18, 2007
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