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Short for "Jealous as fuck" or "Jelly as fuck", used in instant messenger and other online social media websites. The word is used to show your jealously of what your friend has got or is doing.
Friend 1: hey man I got the new call of duty game 3 days early!

Friend 2: really?? dude i'm sooo JAF!!
by minispecs123 September 14, 2011
The literal meaning of jaf is an acronym for "just a friend". The term is most often refered to males in high school. It can mean some one who is a loser, or just has bad luck with the ladies. Based off the typical best friend of a girl in a 90s movie. the guy that's always there for his best friend who happens to be a girl, and she always comes to him for support when the girl breaks up with her attractive jerk of a boyfriend. Jafs are always way too nice when it comes to girls they like cuz they think they can win over girls with their overwhelming sensitivity. Jafs dont realize that girls are drawn to a certain degree of badass, and its usually the downfall of the jaf because he cannot change the way he is or the way he is already perceived. Alot of jafs dont get any action because they are shy and not assertive in a sexual manner. Jafs can feel neglected and used (by the ones the adore).

Jafs let their lack of sexual swagger effect every aspect of thier lives. They tend to do poorly in school becuase they are so focused on getting laid, or getting thier crush to like them more then just a friend. Jafs sometimes go into a temporary depression on Sundays when they realize they have to go through another week of school with misery and no girlfriend. This pessimistic mood is known as SNGM (Sunday No Girl Mood).

The Jaf anthem would arguably be Iris, by the Goo Goo Dolls, or Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon. Both songs feature lyrics about desperatly wanting to be with a girl, but she is completely oblivious to "Mr Right" and what is actually best for her.
Dude, Steve is such a jaf, i dont think he realizes hes gunna go nowhere with Jenna.

Oh my god, i feel like such a jaf, its saturday night and plans fell through again..
by HXcTrance December 31, 2006
An abbreviation for popular slang term "ja feel?". Possible response includes "yaif", an abbreviation for "ya, I feel".
Person 1: I Gotta go to bed, jaf?

Person 2: Yaif. It's getting late. Seeya
by cbreezy123 September 14, 2013
Jewish-African, a black jew, an NJB.
1) OMG, stop being a jaf.

2) Yeah, i know that guy, he's a jaf
by rixorz555/mizak December 23, 2009
The most amazing group of girls you'll ever meet. They are smokin hot, smart, funny, and most of them are kind. All the guys want them, all the girls want to be them, and lets face it, everybody loves JAFS.
"I saw JAFS the other day. They're so cool."
by sertifikate August 21, 2011
Just a friend
Aunt Cindy: Hey Lex, is that your new boyfriend?
Lex: No Aunt Cindy, he's J.A.F.
by lexiek March 09, 2012
Just A Friend Syndrome
-When a good friend likes, you but doesn't like you the way you do.
- The syndrome where you can never get a boy/girl-friend because you're too good friends.
John- *Megan turned me down, urgh, JAFS sucks.*
Rob- *Dude, you shouldn't have been such good friends*
by martin188888 May 15, 2008