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Jacob Black is a character from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. He is in love with Bella, until she has a child. He then imprints on Renesmee (Bella and Edward's daughter). He is also a REALLY hot werewolf. Though he's incredibly sexy in human form as well.
Me: "I' switching from Team Edward to Team Jacob now."
Other Girl: "Whose team?"
Me: "Jacob Black, the guy hotter than Edward!"
by *krcBBY:) June 16, 2009
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One of the main characters in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga series, a teenage werewolf of the Native American Quileute tribe, who is the best friend or 'personal sun' of the main protagonist Bella Swan.

Easygoing, laid-back and fun, Jacob (Jake) is described as a happy magnetic teenager who makes others around him happy and comfortable that even the awkward Bella finds their friendship to be as natural as breathing. Always there for her and understands her best, Jacob was the sunshine that uplifted Bella's life when she hit rock-bottom, the one whom she could completely rely on, and is truly a best friend one could ever have.

However he falls in love with Bella whom is in love with Edward Cullen but realizes that she, in fact, deeply loves Jacob as well.

Just a very realistic, human and awesome character that one can't help but love, even Stephenie Meyer absolutely adores him.

Oh did I mention he's hot in both the books AND movie (portrayed by the fine young Taylor Lautner)?
"Does my being half-naked bother you?" - Jacob Black.

"Like we were connected, the echo of his pain twisted inside me. His pain, my pain." - Bella Swan on Jacob Black

"Jacob was my first experience with a character taking over—a minor character developing such roundness and life that I couldn't keep him locked inside a tiny role....From the very beginning, even when Jacob only appeared in chapter six of Twilight, he was so alive. I liked him. More than I should for such a small part." - Stephenie Meyer
by JacobBlackRocksMySocks August 28, 2009
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1) In my humble opinion a well-developed character from the Twilight series, though it's still unknown why he loves Bella so much since she treats him like crap. He's decent until he loses his balls in New Moon, but even then he's tolerable until Eclpise when Stephanie Meyers makes him an almost rapist. She almost sitcks him with Leah. After seeing that that relationship is healthy though, she makes him imprint on a baby and then have sex with a seven year old Renesmee, making him a certified pedophile. He's also not a warewolf but merely a shapeshifter since his transformations are controllable.

2) See victims of charcater assination
Just when I thought that there was a relationship worth rooting for, Jacob Black dumps Leah for...a baby? EW! Talk about character assasination!
by Schlecht December 02, 2009
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A borderline-rapist from the book 'Twilight'. Has the ability to change into a 'pedo-wolf' at will (see 'fake-ass werewolf') and does not seem to own any shirts.

Jacob 'Pedo-wolf' Black falls in love with his bland ex-girlfriend's newborn hybrid demon spawn, Renesmee and plans to raise a litter of 'pedo-wolf-human-pires' with her in the near future.
person #1: "Look, that pedo is totally checking out that baby.

person #2: "You mean Jacob Black?"

person #1: "That's it! Damn, he's so creepy..."
by whattheheckisapseudonym? August 10, 2010
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A character from the series Twilight that several fans see as the better choice for Bella and can do no wrong. Of course he would be if you overlook the fact that he forced Bella to kiss him twice, and imprinted on a newborn, which by the way, totally isn't gross if you're into that kinda thing.
Jacob fan: Edward sucks. Bella should have been with Jacob.

Non Jacob Fan: right... so Jacob Black didn't force himself on her twice? And didn't break her wrist the first time?

Jacob Fan: It was for her own good.

Non Jacob Fan: Right, and he isn't going to be doing it with a seven year old that looks seventeen?
by MatthewsCullen January 30, 2010
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The hot character in the Twilight Saga. Played by Taylor Lautner. He has a very manley, sexy chest. And is a werewolf.
Bex "That boy is so ugly."
Dazz "I know. But the other one is a total Jacob Black. I mean look at his chest!"
by Dazz13 December 05, 2009
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The only good character in the whole Twilight series. Actually CARES about Bella, instead of being an over-controlling stalker (see Edward Cullen).
Edward Cullen fan: OMG!!! EDWARD IS SOOO HAWT!!!
Jacob Black fan: STFU!!! Jacob actually cares about Bella! Edward is just a controlling, stalker douchbag!
Jacob fan: Whatever, you brainwashed twit! (kills Edward fan)
by MetalHead16 November 10, 2010
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