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3 definitions by Schlecht

1) In my humble opinion a well-developed character from the Twilight series, though it's still unknown why he loves Bella so much since she treats him like crap. He's decent until he loses his balls in New Moon, but even then he's tolerable until Eclpise when Stephanie Meyers makes him an almost rapist. She almost sitcks him with Leah. After seeing that that relationship is healthy though, she makes him imprint on a baby and then have sex with a seven year old Renesmee, making him a certified pedophile. He's also not a warewolf but merely a shapeshifter since his transformations are controllable.

2) See victims of charcater assination
Just when I thought that there was a relationship worth rooting for, Jacob Black dumps Leah for...a baby? EW! Talk about character assasination!
by Schlecht December 02, 2009
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A soap opera airing on ABC that has nothing to do with a hospital but instead is about how wonderful mobsters are and how incompetent the police truly are. It's been on for over 45 years, though they declined to celebrate this important anniversary. It featured the famous wedding of Luke and Laura in the early 80's when mobsters hadn't taken over the show, but now it's simply about mobsters.
Charlotte: I can't wait to watch General Hospital today!

Bob: Why? I can't stand that show.

Charlotte: But the mobsters are hot!
by Schlecht December 02, 2009
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1) A now cancelled soap opera set in Port Charles, NY which featured vampires who didn't sparkle and angels sent to stop them. It was cancelled due to poor ratings and causing overall confusion in it's viewers. It was a spin off of General Hospital

2) The fictional city where the soap opera General Hospital takes place. It is crime ridden, has a high child mortality rate, and it overall a bad place to live.
1) I wish that Port Charles was still on air. Caleb and Livie were hot!

2) Sonny Corinthos lives in Port Charles New York.
by Schlecht December 01, 2009
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