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i piercing that goes up the to head of the penis making it look like a ladder
damn did you see that dude!!! at the fetish club he had a jacobs ladder

holy shit!!!!!!!!!!! that must of hurt
by AWS June 20, 2003
Several piercings down the length of the shaft of the penis.

You can see the three piercings making up the Jacobs Ladder.
There are often more.
by Jethrob May 08, 2008
1)the sex position between 2 guys and a girl. man 1 and the girl get into the 69position while guy # 2 gives it to the girl in the ass.
2)the sex position between 2 guys and a girl where guy #1 lies on his back and bangs girl #1 while guy# 2 bangs her in the ass
gibby is looking fine tonight i cant wait to jacob's ladder her walt said to sean
by C_murph324 August 29, 2006
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