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Jacking refers to the act of robbing or stealing and can refer to jacking one person in particular or can refer to say lyrics from a tune.
"Did you hear what happened to Leroy Brown on the 93 bus last night? He got jacked by a group of kids... they took his phone".


"That 50 cent is whack... hes always jacking lyrics from other mans tunes... allow him"
by David Fisk April 08, 2006
Masturbating, short form of jacking off. Usually used for male masturbation. The female form is jilling. Used on porn boards including jol and literotica.
She wasn't in the mood for sex, so as soon as my girlfriend left, I put on some porn and commenced to jacking.

by Olivia_yearns November 17, 2006
To use drugs (mainly heroin) intravenously.
Man I had no idea she was jacking dope for so long! That's gonna make it so much harder to quit.
by MsUnderstood February 28, 2016
Acting completely ridiculous. Being extremely inefficient with their time usage.
Whoever made the video "I'm the Juggernaut Bitch!" was jacking.
Everybody who voted thumbs down for G Fizzle's jacking entry is jacking.
Drunken antics during a power hour amounts to jacking.
by Ken 10 December 02, 2006
(verb) When guys see there friends and suddenly start acting like jack-asses by insulting you and hitting you like there 4 yours old.
"so he was all britt I cant stop thinking about you-" and then james showed up and he was like "cant stop thinking about how fucking ugly your are bitch" he was SO jacking me! and just last week he out his arm around me!
by absoulute May 17, 2010
1) pleasuring oneself to point of herbal explosion
2) when someone spends time with a boy named Jack
1) Jeff jacks everywhere, anytime with his dainty hands!
2) Walking into the room only to step on a man's shirt, Amanda and Jack were jacking on the mattress.
by Joe Chen XVII September 23, 2008
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