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Masturbating, short form of jacking off. Usually used for male masturbation. The female form is jilling. Used on porn boards including jol and literotica.
She wasn't in the mood for sex, so as soon as my girlfriend left, I put on some porn and commenced to jacking.

by Olivia_yearns November 17, 2006
Jacking off log. A blog, diary, web page or porn board thread where participants write entries to document acts of masturbation or hesturbation. Logs can include time, aids used, intensity of orgasm, amount or quality of seminal fluid, and masturbatory fantasy.
I thought about you last night. If you want the details, go read my post in the jol.
by Olivia_yearns November 16, 2006
A person, usually female with thick thighs and a meaty ass. If female, she has a small waist, and is not large all over, but her ass is very large relative to body size. Big ender is a bi-gender term. Some men can be big enders too.
I'm meeting Rose tonight, and I sure hope she's a big ender,
cause I'd love to get my paws on some meaty booty tonight.
by Olivia_yearns November 17, 2006

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