1. Drunk, intoxicated, inebriated, particularly in a beligerent fashion.

2. To steal, either covertly or by force any item.
2b. To rob at gunpoint, as one would a bank or convenience store.

3. Cheated, robbed, deprived of an ammount of money or property via a complex scheme or confidence game.
1. Dude, I was so jacked, I could hardly even stand, and I told him, "fuck you bitch," and that was when he kicked me out, and it was all fuzzy after that, but I just woke up in a ditch.

2. I jacked his sun glasses while he wasn't looking
2b. He jacked a McDonalds by an off-ramp, and we don't know what state he's in right now.

3. Dude, are you gonna tell the cops how we got jacked?
by Teh Pope April 08, 2005
Top Definition
1. Verb: Past tense

Origin from 'hijacked': as the past-progressive meaning stolen in a violent fashion.
Commonly refers to robbery, theft, misuse, seizure, possesion.

2. Adjective

Well muscled, iron-bound, pumped.
1. "Yo, I got up to go to the bathroom and some jerk jacked my seat"
"Yesterday I jacked a pack of gum from the mall."

2. "That weightlifter sure is jacked. Too bad he's on steroids."
by Miranda November 21, 2003
very strong, huge muscles
Has he been working out? He looks jacked!
by meeeeeee July 01, 2004
1.fucked up or messed up

"damn that bitch's teeth is JACKED up"
by WilliamShakes February 21, 2003
i jacked ur bike
by toby October 21, 2003
To get robbed, mugged, rolled or beaten up by someone.
Man I jus' got jacked, fuck that shit.
Letz go jack these motherfuckers.
Oh man, my ride jus' got jacked.
by Diego September 22, 2003
Someone who is very strong and has very defined muscles, girls love them, too.
Wow! Roman Romanenko is jacked!!!!
by Alexandru October 18, 2003
1. Someone who is extremely strong & muscular.
2. To steal something that does not belong to you.
3. Something that's just really cool or really weird.

1. Damn he's JACKED!

2. That kid totally jacked my hairstyle!

3. That's soooo jacked!

by Sissy_ December 21, 2006

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