Famous musician who has become a rorschach test for the music-listening world at large. If you dig Jack Johnson, you're either an unwashed ignorant member of the common sheepish folk, or deeply into weed in all it's forms. If you don't like his stuff, you're either into "good" music, hateful of relaxation, or aware of him selling out the good surfer name. It's all in interpretation really.
Example One:

Fan: "I like that new Jack Johnson album!"
Critic: "Why?"
Fan: "Because, it's, uh, relaxing...and, uh...uh...relaxing."
Critic:"Is that all? His music is miserable and generic. How can you enjoy absolute dung like his (I won't even say music because it degrades the very concept) 'surfer' sound?"
Fan: "Baaaa."

Critic: "I hate the new Jack Johnson album."
Fan: "Why?"
Critic: "Because it's cliche, simple, boring, without edge or real emotion, and lacks all good things I like in pop music."
Fan: "Here's what I think: Get off your high horse and try to understand his appeal to people. In this busy, hectic world he offers a break and release from the pressures of daily life, making people happy in the process, and if that's bad then sue me. Why don't you remove the stick of music snobbery from you-know-where and get a life?"
Critic: "You just criticized me. That's my job."
by teamugcollective July 06, 2010
Top Definition
singer, songwriter, movie makier, surfer
Makes beautiful musisc that has touched many hearts
'Cocoon' will be played at my funeral.
'jack johnson is fucking brilliant'
by April August 03, 2004
A UCSB film grad and Oahu-born surfer turned musician. He has some crazy good acoustic skills and an easy, laid-back, beachy style. An awesome singer who's worked on a few surfing movies; currently has 2 CDs and 2 soundtracks ("Brushfire Fairytales," "On and On," "Thicker Than Water," and "September Sessions"). Quality listening no matter what mood you’re in; esp. great on road trips.
Jack Johnson is my homeboy.
by Mekana January 25, 2005
a musician whose songs are guaranteed to get the player laid, no matter what the circumstance. girls love him, guys love him...but girls REALLY love him. to all the men out there looking to get a girl really fast, pick up a guitar and learn some jack johnson, because it will get you some over and over and over and over again.
jack johnson
by johnnycash32 April 30, 2011
New-Age folk singer who writes charming songs that often make you feel good. Jack Johnson's great to listen to no matter what mood you're in.
Go listen to "Brushfire Fairytales" and his newest "In Between Dreams." You'll feel alot better.
by Kyle March 05, 2005
dear fuckbags,

maybe this definition will make it on to the site. fuck this fucking shit you stupid mother fucking dick fuck. fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.
hey watch the fuck out b4 i lick ur jack johnson
by jamy December 06, 2005
A blonde haired rapper/singer who is 1/2 of Jack and Jack and is super dirty. Was once part of MagCon and has super cool friends including Jake Foushe Jack Gilinsky Nash Grier and Shawn Mendes. Also is a sex God

by Bringitback4shawn August 22, 2015
1. one of the most amazing musicians in the world, also a surfer who used to ride for Quicksilver, he was born in Hawaii and he made 2 of the greatest surf films ever: september sessions, and thicker than water. also hes really hottttt and awesome.....
it would be awesome if i got to chill backstage with JACK JOHNSON when i go to his show in september
by banana pancakes March 01, 2005
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