kind of an ass, likes little girls, wipes his ass on the first ammendment, probably hates black people.
that jack thompson sure is an ass
by bryce13950 July 30, 2008
Some major dumbass who thinks playing games like Grand Theft Auto will turn kids into killers and car-jackers.
News Reporter: Just last night, angry kids ran out onto the street, hijacked some cars, and then went to Jack Thompson's house and killed him.

Children of the World: YAY!!!
by TheFailGrenade November 02, 2009
An anti-gaming activist known for his participation in the recent rating change of the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and his statements that The Sims 2 included graphic sex and nudity.
Within a few weeks, Jack Thompson will have failed his task, and faded from the memories of everyone.
by Anonymous July 23, 2005
a activist who pointed out that "in every school shooting, we find the kids who pull the trigger are video gamers", despite the fact that the majority of male teenagers play cod and halo, and many of them don't grow up to murder someone.
Jack Thompson: that kid who shot the other kid at school played cod! That's proof that video games brainwash teenager's minds!
Random guy: the kid he shot played cod too.
by thecakeisn'talie August 16, 2010
Lawyer and activist from Florida who is well known for his bizarre filings against the Florida Bar (at one point questioning the legality of its existence) and attempting to sue various rap artists and video game companies, claiming they were corrupting the youth.

He has lost every case he has ever filed and was finally disbarred in 2008.
Thompson's more outlandish antics include:
>Sending documents including photocopies of his drivers license with Batman's picture in place of his own (later wore a Batman watch in court to compliment this).
>"A company that says a line will not be drawn will be drawn and quartered" -Jack Thompson
>Thompson once told a prank caller to buy a suicide game and "get real good at it".
>Just the fact that commentators have called his courtroom behavior "cartoony" tells a lot.
by Lingualux February 08, 2012
a FORMER lawyer, and self proclaimed anti video games actvist who waged a one man war against violent video games, and the 1st Amendment. He was disbarred for his behaviour in the courtroom and generally being a pain in the ass to everyone. He never won a single video games related case. Ever.
Jack Thompson is an example of how not to prosecute a case.

Jack Thompson is not the biggest fan of the 1st Amendment

Jack Thompson believes violent video games are the cause of the worlds ills (despite the world being a more violent place prior to video games e.g. World War 1 & 2, Chinese Revolution, Korea, Pol Polts Cambodia ect ect
by Spencer92 August 08, 2012
meg's boyfriend...... and a very good father. too bad he moved so far away.
meghan went to see jack last night after justin went to bed.
by Meg D May 03, 2005

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