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a.) Street slang for stealing parts off a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, or stealing the entire bike. (HOG = Harley Owner's Group)
b.) Sexual slang for masturbating a female, usually by hand.Just why the female gentitaila is referred to as "hog" is not known. Maybe because it is much like a hog; a hog (animal) will eat anything and a vagina will fuck anything.
c.) Perverted term for masturbating a pig of which you are the owner thereof.
"Hey, nobody had better jack my hog while I'm in here," said the biker to the doorman.

Bobby can jack my hog anytime, because I've never came so much.

As Sam brushed his hand over Susan's wet pussy, Susan exclaimed for Sam to, " Jack my hog baby!"

Judy was arrested because she was caught jack'n my hog off in the barn.
by Renown February 25, 2008
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