1. The sexiest fat dude on the planet.
2. The better half of the amazing band Tenacious D.
3. The only celeb who has ever suited both singing and acting perfectly.
Jack Black... legend!!1
by DiamondSerpant April 01, 2007
The coolest person in the world. He reprents all that is funny. I have seen all of his movies and love all of them. I own both of his amazing CD's and I dont think it gets any better than Tenacious D. Kyle Gass is also the shit.

Now, I would like to address all you fucking faggots who dont appreciate Jack Black, for example, "Dillon Farnum." If I knew who you were, I could get your ass, you sad piece of shit. Go fuck a dad, asshole.

But my point is, the only word to describe JB is God Almighty.
Praise Jack Black, the saviour of man.
by TD Fan March 01, 2007
Half of the God-like metal band: Tenacious D!

The Rock-Brother of Kyle Gass, and the metal LEGEND.
Owns the voice of an angel, and uses it to his advantage, and to ours.
If I had to suggest a song of theirs, to show his amazing voice, I'd suggest "Master Exploder" , because he hits many high notes during that one, and, as a matter-of-fact, he blows someone's mind. The man's head, literally, EXPLODES, because Jack was pointing at him, whilst singing this song.

Basically, Jack Black is a God.
Me: Wow, Jack Black has the best voice I've ever heard!
My Friend: Who?
Me: You're dead to me.
by ThatOneGuyThatYouKindaKnow April 25, 2011
v: To take a piss on one's nut sack
"I took a piss on my nut sack and called it Jack Black" -Jon Lajoie
by birdman12468 October 26, 2011
the greatest dude you'll ever meet in your fucking life ,
he is a GOD in his movie "tenacious D and the pick of destiny" and he's AWESOME !

nuff said.
guy1:who's the greatest guy in the world ?
girl1:Chuck Bass !
guy1:no ! Jack Black !
by CCforrealz October 12, 2010
Used in the early 1800's it was the the act of hanging a slave by a car jack.
Damn Billy Jack Blacked the nigger last night.
by PlantationOwner39 January 03, 2010
the only gay eskimo that's trying to watch his figure by ordering only four chicken mcnuggets instead of six while playing a one note song and eating a junior western bacon chee.
Jack Black is probably the most inspirational and talented fat singer/guitarist/actor I know (and trust me, I know plenty).
by Rich Headley March 17, 2006

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