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An alcoholic drink. jack daniels wiskey and coke.
bartender, i'll have a jake and coke.
by Dirt Demon April 30, 2005
Jack Daniels mixed with Coca-Cola. The official "I'm trying to get smashed" drink of people everywhere.
Adam is on his 4th Jack and Coke. He must have had one rough week.
#jack daniels #jack #coke #booze #drinking
by SpeedCake March 19, 2010
The combination of Jack Daniels and Coka Cola. A combination of two liquids well known to fuck you up or intoxicate to an extent of memory loss.
Mike: Dat foo whas talkin dat bushitt, wha we finna do?

J-Nelly: Ima Jack and Coke dat nigguh!
#beat #jack #jump #terminate #end
by Jack and Cokin March 02, 2010
A way to ruin two perfect beverages at once.
Genetically incapable of appreciating the simple perfection of either Coca-Cola or Jack Daniels Whiskey, Jim-Jim ruined both by making a nasty Jack and Coke...
#jack'n'coke #whiskey and coke #jd and cola #jd and coke #whiskey and cola
by Robanero December 16, 2011
what pussys drink when they can't handle straight Jack Daniels
jack and coke drinker: omg how can you stand to drink straight Jack

Straight jack drinker: well, the first shot burns, the second shot tastes sweet, and the rest...go down like water
#jackncoke #jackandcoke #jack n coke #jack and cocacola #jack daniels and coke
by JD Mc May 20, 2006
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