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A website where bigoted right wing freaks can spew their hateful rhetoric.
"Did you hear the art teacher was gay? I'm gonna pull Noah out of that school, they probably teach evolution too!"

"Chill out bitch, and stay off of onemillionmoms.com!"
by Robanero February 10, 2012
The particular, often hilarious, brand of flatulence that sometimes occurs as a side effect of ingesting LSD.
That acid was awesome, but I got a wicked case of hallucinapooters.
by Robanero September 20, 2010
A subspecies of turtlehead that occurs when the sphincter has been successfully employed for a time in confining a turd to the rectum. As control is gradually lost, a tiny aperture appears at first, allowing for only a very thin extrusion of feces. As the butt-muscle fails in the continued absence of a toilet, the aperture quickly grows in circumference over the next inch or two of escaping dookie, creating a rough cone-shape, resembling the head of a rat more than a turtle.
Jim: "Next rest area 67 miles dude, how's yer ass holdin' out?"

John: "I was doin' good for a while man, but now I got a serious rathead pokin'..."
by Robanero September 20, 2010
A way to ruin two perfect beverages at once.
Genetically incapable of appreciating the simple perfection of either Coca-Cola or Jack Daniels Whiskey, Jim-Jim ruined both by making a nasty Jack and Coke...
by Robanero December 16, 2011

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