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A women that is very attractive looking and is meant to be with a guy with the first letter of his first name T. also one of the hottest people and loves cock.
jaci your sooo sexy
by sexylover1123456789 April 06, 2009
A strange, adorable girl who's super into cute nerds and is super into bands. Total meme queen and spends way too much time online, especially Tumblr. Self-hating piece of shit. Really fucking bipolar. Even though she can be a bitch, she's hella loyal and will stay with you til the end. Really likes dogs.
Person 1: Why is Jaci such a bitch?
Person 2: Probably just a mood swing. We've been friends forever.
Person 1: She seems really rude. She's super quiet and she's always on Tumblr.... Isn't she dating that loser?
Person 2: Nah, she's just online too much. And yeah, she's super into nerds, plus he has a dog.
Person 1: What a freak....
by penisdan April 04, 2015
mormon girls from utah that are in love with asian boys!
jaci are so momo but they are hot for me.
by mike April 21, 2005

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