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to have a massive erection that is very noticeable. You know the kind you get when you sleep over your friends house house with the hot mom and you sneak into her room and smell her bras and panties. Or when you see OBAMA

saying boner but being sneaky about it

man dont look at my pants unless you wanna see my jaboner.

i was smelling you moms panties and i got a jaboner

sym: errection, boner, tits, dike, fag
ant: niggers

by Adolf oliver nipples123 January 23, 2009
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When you meet friends after a night out and ask "Jaboner?" to see whether coitus was exchanged.
"Went out last night, ended up talking to some pretty hot babe!".. "So, Jaboner?"
by White Lionel August 28, 2012
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well, it sure isn't the flight stick
"woah, thats not the flight stick.... thats my jaboner.
by Alf Daddy September 08, 2006
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