Jewish-Asian-Alliance. The alliance between Jewish and Asians in terms of cultural backgrounds and parental upbringings.
Did you see that Jasmin is dating David? Total J.A.A.
by starcat123 January 27, 2011
Top Definition
Origins of Jaa come from the German word Gundershind, meaning Yes.
John: Did you screw Shirley dude?
Bob: Jaa, and it was terrible.
by Homie G October 03, 2004
yes,somethings funny,or random screaming.
do you like cookies?


knock knock..etc.
by kakaaaaaa September 21, 2009
The way fab people say yaas simply because it sounds fabber
Omg jãâş bae jãâş
by fabqueenxoxoxo July 20, 2014
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