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(1) To knock an unsuspecting person's books out of their grasp, causing their papers to go everywhere, and leaves a frustrating mess for the victim to clean up. After completing a J-Bo, the person should proceed to shout the infamous phrase in order for the victim to feel like a total bitch.

(2) To forcefully remove an object from a person's hands.

(3) To slap something, (usually books) from a nerd or douchebag's hands.
Guy 1- "Go J-Bo that new kid's shit!"

Guy 2- "Ok!"

*Guy 2 initiates stealth mode, and proceeds to J-Bo the new kid's shit*

New Kid-"NO! Now I have to clean this mess up!"

Guy 2- "That's right you stupid cunt muffin!"

New Kid- "My dick is so small......"
by A poop face March 04, 2010
to insert something in the rear end

to get poned by something
wow, i got j-boed last night

that test j-boed me
by jonathanboandthedoodalacrew October 17, 2006
another term for jack in the box
shoot im so hungry, lets hit up jboes!
by randallzzzz December 22, 2008
A shortened name for the restaurant Jack in the Box.
J Bo's motherfucker!!!!
by Stanky Tartagrello July 28, 2011
the freshest,flyest,badest, bitch alive
everyone needs a little J.Bos in their lives
by jazmin bostock February 03, 2008
short for jack in the box
yo lets hit up j bos
by ricardosd October 29, 2007
Biggest loser in the world
Jbos needs to get a life
by Jbosux March 22, 2003