Jonas Brothers Obsessed
OMG im sooooo JBO!! THEY RULE!!
by danno the eskimo February 15, 2008
Top Definition
to insert something in the rear end

to get poned by something
wow, i got j-boed last night

that test j-boed me
by jonathanboandthedoodalacrew October 17, 2006
another term for jack in the box
shoot im so hungry, lets hit up jboes!
by randallzzzz December 22, 2008
A shortened name for the restaurant Jack in the Box.
J Bo's motherfucker!!!!
by Stanky Tartagrello July 28, 2011

(1) To knock an unsuspecting person's books out of their grasp, causing their papers to go everywhere, and leaves a frustrating mess for the victim to clean up. After completing a J-Bo, the person should proceed to shout the infamous phrase in order for the victim to feel like a total bitch.

(2) To forcefully remove an object from a person's hands.

(3) To slap something, (usually books) from a nerd or douchebag's hands.
Guy 1- "Go J-Bo that new kid's shit!"

Guy 2- "Ok!"

*Guy 2 initiates stealth mode, and proceeds to J-Bo the new kid's shit*

New Kid-"NO! Now I have to clean this mess up!"

Guy 2- "That's right you stupid cunt muffin!"

New Kid- "My dick is so small......"
by A poop face March 04, 2010
the freshest,flyest,badest, bitch alive
everyone needs a little J.Bos in their lives
by jazmin bostock February 03, 2008
Biggest loser in the world
Jbos needs to get a life
by Jbosux March 22, 2003
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