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An amazing brunette who is a little crazy and gets on amazingly with Caitlins she's a sexy beast and she looks after her mates and cares for them.

She is loved by those around her.

Such a dayumm sexxyy bitchh
See her there, the fit one?

Yeah, that's Izzy
by Oopsie-daisy March 26, 2013
A smelly girl who loves to do snail impressions

And is so beautiful
Omg izzys so beautiful
Hey have you seen izzys fab snail impression?
by thatgirlwithtoomuchswag January 07, 2014
A pretty , LOUD , and outgoing girl. Even though most are females they still are EXTREME MACKS. Their really friendly but also brutally honest and end up hurting people's feelings. Basically their cold hearted which is always they prefer to be single.Their also good friends to have around cause they will always have your back even if your wrong. They tend to have major mood swings too
" I wish i was more like Izzy"

" If i could flirt like Izzy i'd be so happy with my life"
"How does Izzy do it"
by Nala&Simba July 23, 2014
A guy who full of mysteries, though can be rough around the edges, he can be sweetest person in the world, he tends to try his best not to get too close to people and doesn't really expressing feelings and emotions. But once you getto know him, he'll be the greatest friend to you just as a long ur good friend to him and never do him wrong, because if u do ull be losing one hell of a friend.
Izzy is the Greatest Friend Ever
by BlackRoseVixxen July 03, 2014
Izzy is an amazing person who you'll always want to be around. She can always cheer you up when you're down. She's very funny and attentive, and a genius at that too.

But beware gentlemen, she is like the mythical Sirens. She can lure any one of you in with charm, but in the end you'll lose to another. In the end you lose.

I wish my friends was more like an Izzy, then we'd be partying hardcore

You need an izzy to cheer ya

Bro dont think to much into it, she's and Izzy

Yea it turned out to be an Izzy :(

oh that was an Izzy, what has she done to him?
by clairol564895123 January 05, 2014
To Izzy: to epically crash and burn, during the execution of a mundane task.
Man, did you see that girl try to catch the ball?? She totally Izzy-ed!!!
by Honeybee101 August 23, 2011
izzys is the result of having unprotected sex aids
man cuz looks like he got the izzys
by mr wizz April 30, 2006
A girl who is quite normal and innocent looking on the outside but inside is delusional wreck. Believing that she is the leader of a sacred colony of tropical wasps. Izzy can be deadly, take twice daily. Handle with care
Person 1: "Wow, I think I am the leader of a sacred colony of tropical wasps."
Person 2 : "Don't be such an Izzy."
by Mrs Beeswax June 04, 2011