Before consumating a sexual act a person defined as an Izzy would say certain things like "Scuse me while I whip this out" and "That's what she said" and "Papa Cock" to see if his/her partner would be turned on. In the abscence of desire they would then do an amazingly complicated - for some people - mating dance that looked like a more fun hip version of getting your ass spanked. If that also failed they would then do the "Shake Your Finger Dance" and when no results came from that then they would read embarassing lesbian erotica and then question the meaning of a Labia therefore killing the sexual mood of the erotic literature. In the very last attempt of "getting it on" they would tell their partner that they "Don't like it when you talk, because that means you're not sucking my cock" In the end no sex will be had by anyone and the person defined as an Izzy would go home and take off their pants and sit and read a romance novel and talk about hot Walmart Guy with her best friend who also happens to be a complete loser.
"Oh man, I became an Izzy last night! I was singing 'What's Your Fantasy' to one of my friends and then she chimed in! Never felt like more of a loser or Fuckface."
girls called Izzy are sooo unbelievably pretty, everyone loves her and thinks shes amazingg, she gets asked out by everyone coz she is so peng. She is also really fit and buff!
omg she's suchh a izzy!
by superbia January 17, 2012
is an amazing, pretty, funny, kind girl who you just cant stop talking to because she truly makes you feel like your the only person in the world. plus, she has a pretty awesome butt.
when I grow up I wanna be an Izzy!

damn, Izzy likes Jello again
by Your Personal Stalker November 22, 2011
She is great. Funny, crazy, wild, caring and trustworthy. She can be very easily led though she will do whatever people tell her to do. And comes across loud but really she's extremely shy. She is so pretty and so kind. Really easy to get along with. Don't know why people can find her annoying she's so sweet. Izzy does like to go on about things which have happened to her it may come across cocky but i don't think she means it that way she just wants everyone to know. She has one friend who would do anything for her who she can say anything to, who is great. But sometimes another person who she thinks is her friend tries to be close to her because their own best friend goes off with someone else. Izzy is sarcastic and laughs at anything but sometimes fake laughs to impress one friend. She needs to learn who her true friends are as some of them use her. But if you are alone with her she is so easy to talk to and you'd have the best time with her, she's cute, she's mostly honest and she's just an amazing person and friend.
Izzy someone who is amazing but can be easily led.
by Person13579 August 10, 2013
An amazing brunette who is a little crazy and gets on amazingly with Caitlins she's a sexy beast and she looks after her mates and cares for them.

She is loved by those around her.

Such a dayumm sexxyy bitchh
See her there, the fit one?

Yeah, that's Izzy
by Oopsie-daisy March 26, 2013
A very random, strange girl who likes everything that her friends don't. She may have one friend (See also: Ruth) who likes the same stuff as her, but unfortunately, they are in a higher year than her. May often be seen with this 'special' friend, laughing and watching YouTube videos. Izzy may also go through obsession phases that last from a mere day to to a whole two years. Japan interests her greatly and can often be seen on eBay or in WH Smiths browsing the 'Manga' section. Although her other friends don't really like her interests and are sometimes a little offensive towards her, she thinks they are great. Sometimes she can be down on her self, even depressed, but her hopes and dreams to become an award winning manga artist always cheer her up. She likes american sit coms like Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, And The Big Bang Theory. Her obessions are usually random and come forth out of the blue.
Ruth: Oh hi Izzy
Izzy: HIIIIIIIIII I just took up drawing mangaaaaa!
Ruth: (Not really listening) Oh that's nice...

Ruth: Right, what shall we do today.
Izzy: Let's............WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEOS!!!!!

Izzy liked dinosaurs, spies, doctor who, Daft Punk and Japan, all in the space of three years.
by Lollingostrich February 18, 2012
A girl who hates people touching her hair, loves writing and has the bestest friends EVER.

If you ever come across an Izzy tell her you love Tom Felton and she'll love YOU forever :)
That girl loves Tom Felton, she must be Izzy
by Mrs. Tom Felton August 07, 2012
someone who has secret hideouts in windowsills and has a love for people that visit her.
wow that george washington was such an izzy!
by thewatermelonwhisperer June 08, 2011

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