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pronounced: ewwww some.
Is the complete opposite of awsome, means something vulgar or disgusting.
Jane "Look at Annes dress." Jess "I know isn't it iwsome."

Tom "Oh my god, dude, that girl you pulled last night was iwsome." Kieran "I know man the beer goggles were well and truly on last night."
by berniiscross June 22, 2011
38 16
pronounced: iwe-some,

A weaker version of the word awesome.. still means awsome but to a lesser extent.
Ann:"Dude, this coffee is iwsome", Fred:"I know, but it could be hotter"
by DamnYouEbay June 23, 2011
8 23
Basically meaning Awesome, only with added fail. For some reason you cannot use correct grammar with this word...
I so iwsome
by DamnYouEbay June 21, 2011
10 40