I.W. means being independently wealthy. i.e. having enough money to support one's self without ever having to work.
Being I.W. in the New York dating scene is something women find very desirable in a man.
by William Gilbert September 16, 2007
Top Definition
This is a new definition (2k6). Used to describe women in situations where you cant say "damn". Like in sales situations.

IW: I would

Also see "IDD"
Salesman: blabla
Salesman2: IW
Salesman: IDD (indeed)
by sufs August 11, 2006
Abriviation of one of the 'banned' guns on socom 2 the IW-80. Banned because of its huge fire rate and unfairness to the terroists team.
Jim:OMFG why is tht n00b us1ng a iw?
GodLike:I dont know maybe he just Sprays To get his 1337 Kills
by TheGodLikeOne April 04, 2006
Acronym for intellectual whore.
A man who knows or is seen with several women is either a pimp, gay, or an IW.
by :) February 12, 2005
Currently on a few CoD games, it is a banned clantag for the consumer except the creators. The only way through getting it is hex editing one's clantag which is fairly easy.
IW stands for Infinity Ward. Also used for short to reference to Infinity Ward.
Online Friend:FUKING IW!!
Me: You mad bro? What's wrong?
Me: Here, I'll hex edit your CT.
by Kirby a.k.a Mr T0RR3NT June 20, 2011
Antonym for: It's Whatever.

A nonchalant, chill attitude; to be easy going; relaxed and not worried.

(Aka - iw, I.W.)
Guy 1: Hey man I heard you guys lost your game?
Guy 2: iw .. no biggie

Guy: Why didn't you call me back yesterday?
Girl: I was busy .. iw
by iwandco. November 23, 2010
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