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I validate you (IVY). An internet/text messaging term used to point out another poster's cry for attention (a.k.a., their need to be validated). Usually used in a sarcastic sense:
lowandblue: i've noticed that a lot of people who post on here ask for advice and then act really rude to anyone who tries to help! i've been on the receiving end recently and im surprised at what people have been saying to one another...whats the best way to handle these comments?

getalife: IVY!! crissakes, your just mad because pple were calling you rude. if you didn't give snarky advice then no one would say anything. your not worried about how to "handle" this, your just trying to make a point. get over it, and off your validate me kick.
by thecutiepoet October 20, 2007
16 58
A true pimpette, who a lot of guys love.
Ivy is a real pimpette.
by Founder && CEO July 27, 2006
705 263
A beautiful vine of strong, vibrant leaves that adds lushness to any garden. It climbs to amazing heights and has been called "clinging" but really it is loyal and true. It can also be a woman's name and usually indicates a strong woman! She is calm, thoughtful, kind and very artistic. She can be shy but when she shows her true self she shines brightly. Ivy also has a wild side which includes her passion and deep loyalty. Ivy is very sensual but is careful who she shares this with. She is the one you want to be your best friend forever.
"Wow, look at that beautiful woman dancing in the street. She reminds me of Ivy"
by paganmama February 03, 2010
518 198
Is God, and can predict your whole life.
plus Ivy is amazing.
"Dont underestimate the power of Ivy"
by ivachu September 08, 2009
429 187
a totally awesome friend. She's usually athletic, super funny, and spunky. Has the guys coming for her, but very down to earth and is super fun to hang out with.
Person: I'm bored. I need someone to hang out with.

Me: You need an Ivy!!
by aygurl26 February 03, 2010
405 184
Cute, shy, down to earth girl. However, can be very outgoing and fun to be around when befriended. Loves to be outdoors, preferably surrounded by nature.

Is very smart, but does not try very hard. Lazy at times but still somewhat tries. Hardworking when doing something that interests her.

Doesn't talk a lot about herself, and often listens to other people. Always happy and joking around. Smiles all the time, and never lets others see her sad.
Hates when people call her "poison ivy".

Likes tall guys, with deep voices; usually asian. (and named Chris) Wants to approach her crush but is scared he doesn't feel the same way about her.
1: Hey do you know Ivy?
2: Yea, she's so small and cute!
by gradgfdgds April 23, 2011
286 108
Crazy, SeXy, Cool....All of the guys love her!
Ivy is buttersoft.
by Buttersoft February 02, 2010
311 167
The schools in The Ivy League, a sports conference. Consists of:
University of Pennsylvania
Harvard is full of the biggest cocksuckers in the Ivies.
by Webster April 07, 2003
127 29