501st (5.0.1st) this is a crew or cliq that has been upcoming for about 6 years. it has many other smaller crews, and is realated to a number of crimes or acts. for example, the ACAC sect. of the IVC is more towards the crimal side, they tend to steal, most of the ACAC are from a Rocky hood. IVC has many vadals, but mostly they are graffiti artists (STK, AssAssin, BAK, LTB, ACAC, PPC, KING-Z, IVC) most of the IVC sells something, usally skunk.

ALL members are either very close freinds or family, allways watch each others backs. When ever a fight breaks out, the boys are there for you.
ACAC gets jumped buy a KVC, A sect. of IVC will be there soon after and enforce it

IVC 4 LiFE HOMMIE!!!!!!!!!! BZuP!!!!!!!! FUCK KvC

We KILL EM!!!!

hahaha 501st dawg
by shinkane July 31, 2006
Top Definition
abbreviation for "involuntarily celibate." These individuals have no religious or moral reasons for being a virgin, nor do they wish to be virgins. Individuals falling into this category most likely suffer from other ailments including social retardation, desperation, and porn addiction. If you are friends with an ivc it would be best to purchase them a hooker as they lack the ability to get the job done themselves. They will greatly appreciate it.
I put no effort into my personal appearance, yet I make up for it in my yu-gi-oh card playing skills. I could be a more active member of society, but I'd rather watch an episode of Family Guy that I can quote word for word due to the fact that i've seen this episode 20 times (literally). Why can't I find a girl to sex with!

by cottoncandyworld March 22, 2010
Inter Vaginal Coitus aka sex
Frank: So me and Jill had some IVC last night
Clueless Friend: You need to lay off the chinese food man
Frank: No it stands for inter vaginal coitus you noob.
by TheStreetsAreWatching June 02, 2010
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