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It is derived from: "I do not know"
It was changed to: "I don't know"
Then: "I Dunno"
Finally: "Iunno"
"When did that happen!?"
"Uh.... Iunno."
by Kavkid June 02, 2006
another way of saying "i don't know"
often used in online chatting
by frank meng July 18, 2003
Conjuntion of "I" and "dunno".
"Where'd all the pie go?!"
"umm... I'unno... "
by Nibs07 November 30, 2006
I dont know.
i unno where my keys are.
by Daniel Da Dick November 26, 2008
"I dont know", but really fast.
Usually AIM slang.
lkdsf0990 : "what did you do today?"

kjdsfh900: "iunno."
by doodooheadnicole October 08, 2005
A phrase most frequently used over the internet. This is a polite way of saying " I don't wanna do what you wanna do , so fuck off . "
" Dude, wanna come over? "

" I unno man "

" .. "
by deanispenis November 10, 2009
a word used in conversation when the person is severly bored and uninterested in the current discussion. usually used by those who are lazy and fatigued.
Tim: dude, what topic are you choosing for your english essay?
Jack: iunno
Tim: dont you have any ideas at all?
Jack: iunno!!
by ribeco !! June 10, 2008

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