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Just about the shittiest accesory for the iPod to this day. What it does is play what's playing on the iPod through an FM radio. It only has a range of 15 feet and sucks ass in mid-large sized cities because it interferes with other radio signals.
Matt: Is the iTrip any good?
Me: No, it's a piece of shit.
by sterlingheights July 10, 2005
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Arguably the best and most effective accessory for the iPod to date. Allows the consumer to play his/her music through any FM radio(including your car radio).
"The radio doesn't play anything good anymore? Got your iTrip?"
by Soko April 28, 2005
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An itrip is when you listen to music on your computer through headphones while watching the itunes visualizer when you're high. Preferably in a dark room or area, so the screen is all you see.
Dude my eyes hurt from itripping all last night
by RaveXii November 09, 2010
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