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Contracting a sexually transmitted disease through unprotected intercourse with someone you met on the Internet. Typically, initial contact occurs through, Facebook or replying to Nigerian bank scams.

The subject of an will normally seek to justify symptoms on banal and unrelated causes. See "wishful thinking".
Victim/dumbass: shit dude, I ploughed this slut I met over the Internet a few days ago... And the best part is, she totally let me hit it without a Jon <high fives friend> Hope she doesn't get preggers... #Yolo!

Friend: that's awesome, dude! What was it like?

Victim/dumbass: it was great... Strangest thing is, I've been pissing blood ever since but I figure it's prolly because I drink tomato juice, or something...

Friend: errr, listen bromosexual, I think you got hit with an You should probably get your ass to a sex clinic. Don't worry, push come to shove I'll totally do right by your sister when she comes of age.
by The Registry December 05, 2013
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