I won't judge my country, it has negative and positive aspects as well as all the other countries in the world. I only wish that people would stop following stupid old stereotypes.
We are not "loud", "uneducated","rude"....
There are actually some of us who can speak almost perfect English. By the way, are you all able to speak perfect italian without that annoying English or american accent? I bet you aren't.
I'd like to go to Italy. I'd love to visit Rome and see all its stunning monuments!

Italians are so funny and entertaining!!!
by LillyBrilly January 17, 2011
A beautiful country in south europe. Beautiful language, people, and did I mention we have probably the best cuisine in the world. It's a very nice place and all, but there are some dangerous parts of the country too. Crime families are all over southern italy and sicily. Theres the Camorra from Naples, N'Drangheta from Calabria, and Cosa Nostra from Sicily. These places can be very dangerous but they are all beautiful places.
Italy rules...I wish I was 100% but sadly im only 50% =(
by Eric! November 13, 2007
Italy is the greatest country ever. Beautiful places, yummyyyyy food, hot people and fantastic weather. Ill tell you. Soooo many people in the US say theyre italian. Youre fucking nott, you dumbassesss! Youre not considered italian just cause your freaking great great grandfather was from italy. you dont even speak italian! So shut upp! And Olive Garden is NOT italian food. And nooo not everybody in italy is like Snooki. And its not cool being part of the Mafia. :D
Is it true that everybody in italy parties a lot like in Jersey shore?
by Italian gurl May 27, 2011
the most beautiful people in the world..friendly and sociable, that english aren't...we are nice! we've got the most sexy girls of ever!we 've got wonderful places!!and finally our food is the best in all the fucking world!!!
DAVE :hey..look at her!!she's fucking sexy!!
LUIGI : it's normal..she's from italy!!
DAVE :DAMN! I wish i were italian!!!

LUIGI :shit!!i went in UK!! their food SUCKS!!I've lost 12 kg..in just 2 weeks!!
DAVE : sure, i believe you!! im from UK...sigh...
by chrisfoos November 14, 2010
Italy is The best country in the world. It has great culture, history and food. And they are members of the European Union
-Man 1: Man, Italy is the best!

-Man 2: Yeah! It's better than the USA!
by Fedelede May 18, 2010
I- I
T- Totally
A- Absolutely (sp?)
L- Love
Y- You

Boy: Hey baby girl! I.T.A.L.Y.!!!
Girl: Awwwww I.T.A.L.Y. 2 *snogs*
Boy: *snogs*
by sparkly.cutie August 05, 2009
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