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natural; natural state of being; non-artificial, non-synthetic;

applied to food, ital meanin "whole," unprocessed...
keepin it ital...
by simon July 13, 2003
a type of cooking practiced by rastafarians.

Traditional Ital cooking involves the cooking of stews without the use of extra salt. Ital meals are prepared using wooden utensils and earthenware cookware.

They are usually wholly vegetarian, although I am not sure if fish is considered Ital.
The rastafarian kept to a strict ital diet.
by Lou Stenspayce December 18, 2003
A Rasta philosophy/teaching meaning "vital". its the act of eating all pure/organic foods. often asociated with being vegan but it doesn't need to be,
I've been I-tal for years
by Sam Mooney April 20, 2006
a cigar, blunt, philly. Used by the infamous "Team Ital"
boydy- "you wanna go to the hill and get some itals?"
josh- "you bet your sweet ass i do"
by Oyler April 10, 2008
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