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a word used by the japanese usually said before meals or by people that watch anime way too much.
authentic japanese person - "itadakimasu!" *begins eating*

fat otaku - "itadakimasu!!!! *chii* *munch munch*-ttebayo!!!"
#itadakimasu #ttebayo #dattebayo #chii #otaku
by there's no d in ariana November 28, 2006
It's what Japanese people say when they are about to begin eating; thank you for the food basically
-serves food-
#thank you #food #japan #people #the
by KrisKr0x October 05, 2009
Literally means "I humbly recieve" in Japanese. Can be put in the place of saying grace. Most often said before eating. Otaku can be caught saying this.
A typical Japanese family sits down for dinner, then pick up their chopsticks. Before they eat, they proudly shout "Itadakimasu!"
#japanese #onigiri #breakfast #dinner #lunch
by Ami-chan August 02, 2010
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