a semi-freaky movie that is based on the book stephen king wrote (called it)
its just about this murderous clown that takes the shape of your worst fears and only attacks kids
its real name is pennywise (also a kick ass band)
unless there is a sequel to it then its a very gay and incomplete movie
"Come on down here, want a balloon? they float, everything floats down here and you float too"
-Pennywise the clown
by patio boi June 27, 2004
Evil all powerful entity from Stephen Kings "It". Later made into a very horrid movie which is wrongly called scary by the wimps of the world. You want to see something really fucked up and twisted? READ THE FUCKING BOOK!
It: Do you want a balloon?
Georgie: Do they float?
It: They float, they all float. We all float down here.

The book contains racism,homosexuality, homosexuality bashing, child abuse, spousal beatings and murder, all of which are very graphic and very often. The movie is plain dumb compared to the book.
by matt dold November 24, 2004
Tacit knowledge. You have "it" when you realize that everyone in the world is a smacktard, and only a certain few people are really intelligent.
If you don't understand this definition, you don't have it.
by iGialloRossi April 08, 2004
The cock.
Lerasi loves it.
by Vaun December 16, 2003
scary movie about a kid-killing clown based on a book by stephan king
have u seen it?
by LPBABY May 18, 2003
Stands for internal terestrial. The alien that lives inside your gal-bladder
My I.T. has been protecting my body for years now.
by XxLuvDentzxX December 01, 2010
Cannabis. Most commonly used with the expression "leagalize it".
"Leagalize it"
"Did you get any it?"
"This it is the shit"
by erkx March 10, 2009
A person who you can't tell what gender they are. (i.e A female with no boobs and really short hair who dresses in baggy clothing)
Katelyn: Is that a chick or a dude?
Fuu: It's an it until further notice.
Tess: Stop being mean...
by Fuu Ikari June 02, 2007

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