a semi-freaky movie that is based on the book stephen king wrote (called it)
its just about this murderous clown that takes the shape of your worst fears and only attacks kids
its real name is pennywise (also a kick ass band)
unless there is a sequel to it then its a very gay and incomplete movie
"Come on down here, want a balloon? they float, everything floats down here and you float too"
-Pennywise the clown
by patio boi June 27, 2004
A word to define a person whose gender is not readily identifiable.
Guy 1: "Dude it's a chick!"
Guy 2: "No way! How do you know?"
Guy 1: "I called it sir, and it's pissed off!"
#gender #people #sex #names #questions
by Dan Yell March 07, 2008
Scary ass clown that was created by Stephen King
The movie it scared my little sister shitless
#clown #movies #scary #nightmare #i suck at definitions
by Booooooks December 25, 2014
It " A creature of unknown gender that one must look twice or more to define or get a hold of its sexuality and or its sexual preference"
Emo guys - Goth Girls

A transvestite

A female that looks masculine

or a male that looks feminine
#it #gay #lesbian #homosexual #hair #ass #pain #cheese #pussy #penis #cock block
by Nicknacksss October 22, 2010
Neutral pronoun used in infamous example coined by Larry Flynt of 'Hustler' fame.
"Relax it's just sex!" - Larry Flynt
#pronoun #grammar #neuter #life #you name it
by downtownjasper November 16, 2007
1. used as subject or direct object or indirect object of a verb or object of a preposition usually in reference to a lifeless thing
2. used as subject of an impersonal verb that expresses a condition or action without reference to an agent
3. used to refer to an explicit or implicit state of affairs or circumstances
I am using "it" in a sentence.
by Flanagin January 15, 2003
The word that has come to replace she/her, used by clever, college-educated men around a woman to make sexist jokes about it without its knowledge. The situation arose in response to way too many crazy feminist elementary, middle and high school teachers who allowed young women to make constant, overt sexist jokes about men in the classroom, but who would practically pull their own hair out while threatening repercussions if a young man said anything sexist about women. Some women have caught on and have, in turn, tried to apply the word to men, but it's really obvious when it does.
It: Hey, guys. Want to go to a movie?

Man 1: Sure! Have you seen (movie title)?

Man 2: Yeah! I have.

Man 1: What do you think about it?

Man 2: It's funky, but I wouldn't pay to see it in a theater. I'd rather watch it at home where I can kick back with my shoes off.

It (trembling, not knowing why): So, you don't want to go to the movies?
#woman #women #cunt #she #her #girl #girls
by ladeeda777 August 15, 2011
Short for Shit
"You're full of it"
"you know, SHIT! dumbass..."
#shit #crap #poop #junk #leftover #waste
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