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Spending a lot of your money on a woman is bad if you don't have that much money to begin with, but if you "got it" meaning you got that kind of money, then it's not "trickin". trickin is spending lots of your money on a woman that you don't really have. It's not trickin if you got a lot of money so it's not that big of an amount out your wallet.
Lil' Wayne: it aint trickin if you got it
But u like a bitch with no ass u ain’t got shit

T.I.:Hundred deposit, vacations hit the tropics
Cause everybody know it aint trickin if ya got it
by uKNoWHoiTBe September 07, 2008
1. a guy is not spending his money on a girl just so he can keep her around, he already got it like that. aint trickin if you got it. He has the money and luxuries already the girl comes with it.
Dude: Man, why you spendin money on that girl for her fine ass to be with you.
Other dude: It ain't trickin if you got it.

LIL' Wayne: You know it ain't trickin if you got it.
by A. Fred August 23, 2008
It's a way for someone to justify spending money on chicks without looking like a trick.

it's not trickin if you got the money to spend.
the song "Whatever You Like" by T.I.
"100K deposits, vacations in the tropics
Everybody know it ain't trickin if you got it
And you ain't never ever gotta go in yo' wallet
Long as I got rubberband banks in my pocket "
by Brooklyn Elizabeth. September 20, 2008
If a girl is willing to be with you regardless of whether or not you spend money on her then it's ok to buy her gifts and not be seen as a trick... because you've already got her. It's only tricking if you don't have her yet and you're using the gifts to try and establish a relationship.
Now that I have money, I decided to spend a couple thousand dollars on my girl who's been with me since we were broke together and going halves on a shake at McDonalds, cause hey... it aint trickin if you got it.
by dragonzI January 05, 2010
When you are in the line of promiscuity, its okay because you have the body or whats needed to get attention. therefore it isnt considered trickin or prostituting.
Lil Wayne:
"It aint trickin if you got it",
but you like a b**ch with no a** you aint got sh*t
by heavysilence90 April 07, 2009
Spending a large sum of your salary on a woman, whether you have the cash or not. Usually associated with a gold digging woman, but not always.

So when she ask for the money when you through dont be surprised. It aint trickin if you got it.
by prince brandonn August 11, 2008
Trickin is spending money on a hooker, but if she's your girl and not a hooker. Hince "you got it." Then it ain't trickin.
"hey your bitch looks looks like a hooker. Why you spendin all your money on her?"
"She's not a hooker she's my girl. You know it ain't trickin if you got it man."
by Kayla85 November 25, 2008
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