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A slang term for currency that exists among street level hoods. Generally. many small bills folded together to give the appearance of a larger amount of money than it usually is.scrilla
Son, what you know about this? I got the gwop. Holla atcha boy.
by Bryan Crowe July 29, 2005
868 207
money, or something of monetary value
yo im bout to battle this nigga, win that gwop, and holla at jacob da jeweler
by Queen of Rap May 29, 2006
411 185
money; derived from George Washington on Paper
Living in the Manhattan is cool as long as you got that gwop.
by Eikooc April 16, 2008
313 109
Money or cash, cream dollar dollar bill yall
on the block i make that gwop
by King Ace November 30, 2007
136 108
The sound an object makes when it hits the ground and doesn't bounce.
Bake a potato, put it in a box. Gwop.
by irishhavoc January 19, 2014
0 5
its like qwop only the q is bound to g
gwop is a hard game
by notadnrew August 03, 2012
17 38
Grands worth of Paper.
I got GWOP.
by DesignsUwantDotCom July 09, 2009
60 82