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Contrary to idioty belief, the Israeli army are not terrorists or killers. They protect their country just like any other. They are the 3rd best army in the world due to sheer size and ability with the fact that they recruit manditoraly at age 18.
Palistinians think that they can just slowly move in with armed forces and kill Israeli people and have no recourse.... silly people!
by Oz January 22, 2005
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One of the best Army's in the world suprisingly. Reasons for this are because there is a law that states when you turn 18 you goto the military. Only israel is outdone by china or america due to sheer size and technology. America is the best however.
America and Israel would probably own everyone if the shit hits the fan!
by Oz January 17, 2005
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Many mistake the Israeli army to be one that defends Israel from invasions and attacks when in essence they instigate invasions themselves and launch attacks on unsuspecting victims. The IDF has been implicated in many massacres over the years. Most of which have not made it to mainstream news outlets because of Pro-Israel lobby groups (see AIPAC).

The IDF gets most of its funding from the United States. U.S. tax payers often, unknowingly, fund this immoral and inhumane war machine, one of the region's most ruthless armies.
The Israeli army bombed a house killing most of its young occupants; some were children less than 5 years old.
by Ben Tuvia September 26, 2007
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Ha, an army of evil, decadent, money laundering, weak, evil, decadent, money grabbing, rapist, weak, evil pornographic suppressors of our very very very righteous people!
That has been easily defeating our holy Mujaheinedin armies multiple times their size for the past 54 years...
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The left over of the Nazi army, have organized themselves and invaded Palestine.
Israeli army are so cowards they are so good in shooting women, children and bomb civilian houses, hospitals, schools mosques and churches.
by 2rjm January 14, 2011
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