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an exotic arabic woman (usually egyptian) who likes to ride camels, construct pyramids, and eat sand in her spare time. "israa"s are known to be ridiculously gorgeous, incredibly smart (usually at science and math), and dominant in relationships. the israa is a fickle creature and will not usually try new foods. when dealing with "israa"s use caution as they are known for being blunt when upset, usually prone to hitting, biting, and cursing.
"did you see that girl run over that hobo in her camel? she was fineee!"
"dude, that was sooo israa"
by Steven W. S. January 10, 2007
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Israa's are known for being extremely breath taking and super exotic. Usually have striking facial features and beautiful voices. They have a captivating smile and charming eyes. They love to laugh and enjoy doing anything with no reservations. Be careful when dealing with israa's they're extremely blunt and honest. They are super smart and incredible lovers. They love with their heart and soul entirely. If you lose an israa you will always regret it. Israa's haunt your very soul with the playfullness youth and charisma. They are incredibly energetic and independent. Some of the most beautiful women alive
Wow look at her she must be an israa
Wow that's israa she's amazing
by nicolexox September 25, 2013

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