A quirk, something that is unique about you.
Person 1: We had a weeallly fun time wowwerwbwading!
Person 2: Why can't she say her 'r's properly?
Person 3: I dunno, but its kinda her ism.
by CassieLou July 06, 2009
something about a person that is unique to them add it to the end of their name
"geez look at bob he can't stop doing that no one else would ever do that"
" nah thats just his bob-isms"
by james in the dale August 24, 2007
An Italian Sandwich Model. Its a line of work that most people are just not cut out for, but become one, and you'll basically be living the dream.

While "Runway" Models might frown upon this profession in the public eye, deep down inside they just know they're not cut out for the job and are uber-jealous.
Italian, Sandwich, Model, Living the Dream, Its not a big deal, Way of life, I.S.M.

"Oh so you work at your parents pizza shop, you know what you look like, an Italian Sandwich Model"
by Witzy Pop October 25, 2011
An ism is when 2 people, most commonly a male and female, are alike in almost every way, with the same music taste, the same likes and dislikes, etc... Ism was first created by Gary Williams Gunning and pioneered by the original Carl Gunning and Lauren Walton.
Guy: I like farting in libraries and blaming it on other people.
Guy: COOL, we are now isms.
Girl: ...whut
by PrincessLolly January 06, 2010
An abnormal and annoying personal trait that is unstoppable, automatic, and perceived by the individual as perfectly normal. We all have them and they are made specifically to anger others. These can be discussed by others by names, for example, an Arthur-ism. a Janet-ism, etc. Those who know these people will automatically KNOW what is being discussed. But the individual will remain utterly clueless. Isms are beloved by the holder, who clings to his/her ism with defensiveness and righteousness.
Mike spends a lot of time shopping for milk. First he looks at the dates. After about 5 minutes he locates a good one, pulls it off the shelf and feels the bottom of the carton. Reject. He puts it back and repeats the scenario. His wife knows this is going to take a long time and that it is just an ism of Mike's, so she goes to the ice cream section and enjoys until he shows up with one carton. This may take up to 15 minutes.

Joan puts lotion on her feet after every bath or shower. But she always makes sure the lotion does not get on her toes. Her friends watch her speechlessly but accept this as her ism. One time Lucy asked Joan why she did this, but Joan just asked, "What?" Lucy rolled her eyes at everyione in the room and all of their eyes deepened in acknowledgement.
by moondrop November 09, 2013
I.S.M. is short for Italian Supermodel. It often refers to a gay guy that is very photogenic and dresses really nice.
"Dude, did you just see that I.S.M.? He was wearing a fucking scarf!"

"I swear, I.S.M. is being such a camera whore!"
by Tight-ass January 01, 2009

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