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The worst executive in the history of professional sports. A disgrace to the Knicks, the NBA, New York City, and the human race. Needs to take his expensive suits, sexual harassment cases, and fake smiles all the way back to Detroit.
Isiah Thomas traded for Stephon "This Year I'm Starbury" Marbury.
by Shander May 14, 2006
the only person who should be kicked out of the hall of fame due to his off-court ineptitude

for every good thing Thomas does, he makes a dumbass decison to ruin it
Examples of good things Isiah Thomas has done ruined by idiotic decisions:

Good thing: Drafting David Lee
Bad thing: Making him come off the bench for Jared Jeffries

Good thing: Trading for Eddy Curry
Bad thing: Not protecting our picks in case we end up blowing the season (i.e. 05-06 season)

Good thing: Getting rid of Penny Hardaway's expiring for a better player who was an all-star at one point
Bad thing: The player they get is Steve Francis
by DLee42 January 24, 2007
the best NBA point guard of all time. lead the Detroit Pistons "bad boys" to 2 NBA championships back to back in 1989 and 1990. He was a dangerous shooter from any spot on the floor, a smart passer and a smooth, clever playmaker. Along with Johnson, Oscar Robertson and Utah's John Stockton, Thomas became the fourth player in NBA history to amass more than 9,000 assists. He barely stood over 6-feet.
Isiah Thomas was one of the greatest "small men" ever to play professional basketball
by go_wings April 24, 2006
Best player in all of NBA Jam. Enough said. Also kicks total ass in Halo and Halo 2. Isiah Thomas is a living God. For real.
Isiah Thomas...FOR THREE! (makes it every time)
by E-Ram February 28, 2005
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