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something that is not the game. we talkin about practice....not the game, we talking about practice.
not the game, we talking bout practice man. we ain't talking about the game, we talkin about practice. what are we talkin about? Practice. we talking about practice man. we talking about practice man we talking about practice.

if you practice, not only you will be better, but your teammates will be better

how the hell am I supposed to make my teammates better by practicin?!?

-Allen Iverson
by DLee42 December 12, 2006
One of the most underrated players in the NBA, probably best player on the Knicks along with Curry and Frye, one of the few players in the NBA to average a double-double (and the only to do it while coming off the bench), the best American-born white player in the NBA (sorry Kirk), and a god to Knick fans.
Knick fan: David Lee is god!
Idiot Bulls fan: No, Kirk Hinrich is! lol
*Knicks fans gather and smite dumbass Bulls fan for blasphemy*
by DLee42 January 24, 2007
the only person who should be kicked out of the hall of fame due to his off-court ineptitude

for every good thing Thomas does, he makes a dumbass decison to ruin it
Examples of good things Isiah Thomas has done ruined by idiotic decisions:

Good thing: Drafting David Lee
Bad thing: Making him come off the bench for Jared Jeffries

Good thing: Trading for Eddy Curry
Bad thing: Not protecting our picks in case we end up blowing the season (i.e. 05-06 season)

Good thing: Getting rid of Penny Hardaway's expiring for a better player who was an all-star at one point
Bad thing: The player they get is Steve Francis
by DLee42 January 24, 2007
somebody whose opinions I could honestly care less about and have little to no effect on mine, or anybody else's, life.
Celebrity obsessed a-hole: "OMG!! What do you think of Mel Gibson saying those things about the Jews!?!?!?! It's horrible!!"

Me: "Well, I feel as if it will make absolutly no difference in either your life or mine, so you should really stop going nuts over it."

COAH: That's what people said about Hitler.....

Me: uhh....Mel Gibson isn't Hitler...

COAH: That's what people said about Hitler.....

:I run away frightened and ponder the state of our nation:
by DLee42 December 06, 2006

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