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online abbreviation for whatever
user 1: yo yo yo i be on that kryptonite sonn

user 2: w/e dude
by go_wings May 31, 2006
The funniest and the best spoof flick ever made. Movies which were mainly spoofed in the movie are Scream, Scream 2, and I Know What You Did Last Summer. A movie which was planned by the Wayans Brothers was a big hit in 2000.
Scary Movie is funny as hell!!
by go_wings May 31, 2006
1 of the best or arguably the best basketball team in the NBA right now. They play great defense and have a balaced offense which lead them to a 64-18 record this season. best in the NBA!! also made the finals for the last 2 seasons, winning the NBA title back in 2004 against the LA Lakers. Easily have the best starting 5 in the NBA with Chauncey Billups, Richard "Rip" Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Rasheed Wallace, and Ben Wallace.
u saw game 7 of Pistons-Cavs series? Detroit Pistons whooped their asses so bad they only scored 61 points the whole game
by go_wings May 31, 2006
A center for the Detroit Red Wings. Has brilliant puck handling skills, passing ability and a completely accurate shot. Lead the team with 87 points in the 06 season.
The defender was too slow to keep up with Pavel Datsyuk as he ended up scoring the game winner on a sweet breakaway
by go_wings May 31, 2006
great fuckin movie. Larenz Tate should have definitely won an Oscar for his crazy role as O'Dog in this urban gangster flick. 1 of the best and easily 1 of the most underrated movies ever made.
Menace II Society owns..got it on DVD!!
by go_wings May 31, 2006
the best defenseman in the NHL right now. Plays for the Detroit Red Wings. Helped the Wings to win 3 Stanley Cup titles and won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the most valuable player for the 02 playoffs. Also won the Norris Trophy for the best defenseman for 3 straight years from 01-03. Has been nominated for the award for a total number of 7 times in his career so far.
Nicklas Lidstrom might be the next captain for the Red Wings after Steve Yzerman retires in the next year or 2
by go_wings May 31, 2006
A left wing in the NHL. Plays for the Detroit Red Wings. Wears #40. Was the Wings 2nd leading scorer in the 06 season with a total of 85 points in 77 games which he played in.
Henrik Zetterberg with the game winner and the crowd went wild as the Wings beat the Avs 5-4 last night
by go_wings May 31, 2006
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