something that takes your fancy - the more you fancy it the more i's are added to the beginning of the word
that person is iiiiish
by Winny June 02, 2005
a term used to describe a current state of mind or something of the sort basically a made up word that describes a feeling at any giving time when u dont want to make desicisions.
girl 1: hey where do you wanna go tonight??

girl 2: ah I dont know Im kinda ish its up to you.


guy 1: how do you feel bout that?

guy 2: Im just ish bout the whole situation.
by KAylee Bomb February 03, 2010
-ish (suffix): Added to words or sentences to say that you did some action incompletely, or at least not to the questioners extent.
Boss: Did you finish that report I asked you to?

Worker: Yeah, totally. Ish.
by Barkalow May 04, 2009
International Scientific Handshake
Mr. Mckee gave me the one and only ISH!
by enomily April 19, 2009
adj/n: another word for sh!t (many songs use it)
Sarah:My stupid teacher gave me a whole bunch of homework

JAZ:That's some ish
by Musique lova April 16, 2009
slang for "weed"
yo, you got any ish?
by Raph Reed February 28, 2009
The result of snot dripping out of your nose after snorting cocaine. Short for issue
David need some tissue he some ish running
by 326Cubed February 03, 2009

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