Replacement for sh!t..usaully used for ppl trying to stop using profanity.
Yea..she talking all that ish now
by Chole April 13, 2008
"ish" is used in my world :P to describe something you're unsure of, or if you can't find the right word for it at the time.
"He's so...ISH, y'know?"
by scientificprogressgoesboink May 22, 2003
A slang word for heroin used to avoid dogmatic less intelligent people from knowing you smoke dope and thinking that your a horrible evil person, when you just wanna get high as fuckkkkkkk....YA DIG?
Andy- Aye bro you know if joey re-ed up on that ish..

Brad-yeah he did. You wanna go grab a G of ish and marinate at my place, maybe watch some dave chappelle?
Andy-You already know
by PseudoNympho12yrold July 17, 2010
acronym covering the meaning of three words: ill, sleepy, hangover; used to describe how you feel in the morning after a loooong and rough night
Man, I was partying till 5am. Now I feel so ish!
by yakfromtibet October 28, 2009
The man or woman who you do not date but have sex with on a regular basis.
"Man, I'm so pissed, i didn't get fucked by my ish last night"
by Becca Fay April 20, 2008
n. Shit; a parent-approved version of the aforementioned cus word.
"What are you doing this weekend?"
"Studying and ish."
by The Grammar Nazi June 09, 2001
a word made by kyler meaning....well, everything.
i'm getting all of my ish together over this weekened! studio ish, then dancing ish. WOOOOOOT
by um... jesus March 27, 2010
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