a word used to decribe an imaginary object on some one
darling youve got ish on your lip
right on your lip
sends them on para and makes them keep rubbing make sure a few people laff and point aswell
by lee_willett05 December 03, 2005
Incase Shit Happens .... It's That Simple
Friend- Why Do You Carry That Knife.
You- For I.S.H.
Friend- I.S.H.?
You- Incase Shit Happens
Friend- Ohhh
by Fuji Jin September 08, 2005
a shortened word for issue
callie: I hate this song
gracie: what's your ish girl
by cowsarefriends July 08, 2016
A shortened form of "Bish" which is a form of "Bitch". Can be used as an even more trap dictation of the word bitch.
Yo JaQuiele! Bae w we finna trap tonight?
Nah ish. I still fuckedt up from last night.
by Truffle1butter May 26, 2015
Acronym for "Is she hot"

Incognito way of saying if a girl is hot without sounding like a total pig/ sexist/ perv/ misogynist
Boy 1: I hooked up with this girl the other night...
Boy 2: ish?
Boy1: YES!
by Jason Le April 14, 2014
Ish- Kinda, sorta, a little bit. Used to describe something that is not all the way.
"That color is a green-ish blue"

Greg:"Hey do you like them?"

Marshall:"Ish? They are okay."
by NekoGirl April 28, 2013
A boxing game played between two people. Facing each other, one person punches the air either up, down, left, or right. The other person must move their head and look in any other direction. If they look in the same direction as the punch, they lose. Each player takes turns and the match continues until someone loses.
Person A: Dude, I beat Zach at ish the other day like ten times in a row.

Person B: Hahaha, what a bitch.
by The Cactus 86 February 18, 2010
Used to refer to methamphetamine.
Can you call your drug dealer and get some ish?
by KrayzieK January 14, 2014
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